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Wide Valley Fire Services is pleased to announce that we have signed a distributor agreement with Hazard Control Technologies, Inc. With this agreement, Wide Valley will be able to supply the Municipal Fire Service, Forestry Fire Services and Industries with F-500 EA in the Province of Alberta, making this one of Wide Valley’s top priorities. Other products that will be available include Hydrolock, Dust Wash and Pinnacle Foam.
F-500 Encapsulator Technology

F-500 is a multipurpose agent that makes firefighting more effective on a broad range of 3D Class A, Class B and Class D fires. F-500 has been shown to be especially effective at extinguishing the most challenging types of fires – structure fires, car fires, tire and rubber fires, industrial Class A and Class B fires; and at rapidly cooling and extinguishing Class D fires.

The benefits of F-500 are:

– Cooling and Exposure Protection
– Fuel Neutralization
– Explosive Vapour Reduction and Encapsulation
– Surface Tension Reduction
– Rapid Cooling
– Fuel Encapsulation and Neutralization
– Interrupts Free Radical Chain Reaction

F-500 is also non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. F-500 EA is also an NFPA 18 A Encapsulating Agent and is manufactured in compliance with HCT’s ISO 9001 Quality System, which ensures customer and end user confidence in consistent reproducible, traceable and reliable quality processes form production to shipment 100% of the time.


HydroLock Encapsulator Technology results in a superior formulation for tank degassing, decontamination and cleaning. The HydroLock molecules are attracted to hydrocarbon molecules and attach themselves forming molecules around the hydrocarbons. The resulting molecules are incapable of igniting. HydroLock also dissolves hydrocarbon sludge and residue leaving a non-hazardous mixture with LEL readings of zero.

Speaking as someone with experience in firefighting, I have not seen anything work like the F-500 EA. The fast knock down, rapid cooling and burn back resistance are phenomenal, for instance, metals are cool to the touch once the fire is extinguished. F-500 is also the best choice for deep seated fires such as peat moss fires that are a big challenge to Fire Departments in Alberta. Not to mention its capabilities in making fuel and fuel vapour non-flamable and non-ignitable through encapsulation as well as the free radical interruption, in my opinion, F-500 is the safest choice for your fire crews.

F-500 EA can be used without any specialized equipment therefore you may use an eductor into your hose line, pour it in the booster tank or use it with the low flow TKO nozzles developed by HCT. It can also be used in sprinkler systems with the CCS (Concentrate Control System) that was developed by HCT which has a much more effective knock down and drastically reduces fire spread in sprinklered areas.

It is a product that can be used for the wide range of fires that you and your fire crews face on a day to day basis. Most importantly it increases fire fighter safety, you use less water, you use less F-500 agent to extinguish the fire than other agents, it encapsulates fuel spills, one agent for 2D and 3D Class A, B and D fires and reduces overhaul time. It can also be used on specific Class C fires. All we carry on our trucks is the F-500 EA, its today’s safer, economical and environmentally proactive choice.

Geoff Potter
Chief of Operations
Wide Valley Fire Services

Pinnacle Foam

Pinnacle foam concentrates are designed to provide rapid knockdown and extinguishment on a broad range of Class A and Class B fires. Pinnacle Foams are available in three formulations: Pinnacle Class A Foam, Pinnacle 3% AFFF, and Pinnacle 3X3 AR-AFFF.

Dust Wash

Dust wash is the cleaning solution for helping you manage the risk associated with the coal dust build up. Jointly developed by HCT and a major power company, Dust wash is the effective, economical and easy to use solution or removing float dust as part of good housekeeping practices.

Dust Wash is the economical choice since a 0.5 – 1.0 % mixture of solution delivered at 2 -3 GPM consumes very little Dust Wash. A 55-gal. drum will provide 30 plus hours of continuous cleaning.

Fire Suppression Technologies

Throughout the past decade numerous new fire suppression technologies have been developed to create a lessened impact on the environment and human health. With the phase-out of halon fire suppressants (due to environmental factors), the development of new technologies has been of paramount importance. Wide Valley is on the forefront of these new suppression technologies and we take pride in the demonstration and education of these state-of-the-art developments.