Professional & Dedicated Firefighting Services and Support

Wide Valley Fire Services offers a comprehensive variety of firefighting services and support to ensure a successful collaboration between sectors. We take pride not only in our superior quality product, but in our people as well.
Fire Support Services

We are a company dedicated to service and support for emergency fire services throughout Alberta. Whether it be wildland fire suppression, asset protection, supplying of F-500 Encapsulator Agent or other products, Wide Valley has been dedicated to providing experienced and professional firefighting care as a dependable second line of defence. Our passion is making a difference in our communities in this great province and Wide Valley is committed to supporting all fire services in Alberta any way we can.
Private Sector Firefighting
Wildland Firefighting

Wildland firefighters are tasked with the combat and suppression of wildfires — ensuring their successful prevention and containment. This includes a range of firefighting tactics, techniques, equipment and training. The goal of wildland firefighting is to protect resources and our natural wilderness while defending populated areas which border with wildland areas.
wildland fires
Critical Incident Group Debriefing

When people are involved with, or exposed to, crisis level incidents such as fire, motor vehicle collisions and medical incidents it is only natural to experience a multitude of emotional responses. Critical Incident Group Debriefing is a group intervention process that focuses on an incident. Our goal is to help ease the acute stress responses experienced by emergency workers. During our sessions we encourage participants to share their thoughts and how they feel about the critical incident while learning valuable information and the impact that these events can have. At Wide Valley we believe that providing workers the opportunity to talk to individuals who have been in the field and shared similar experiences is a more practical approach to dealing with a critical incident.
Second Line of Firefighting Defence
Fire Suppression Technologies

Throughout the past decade numerous new fire suppression technologies have been developed to create a lessened impact on the environment and human health. With the phase-out of halon fire suppressants (due to environmental factors), the development of new technologies has been of paramount importance. Wide Valley is on the forefront of these new suppression technologies and we take pride in the demonstration and education of these state-of-the-art developments.

Wide Valley Fire is your Alberta Distributor for HCT’s F-500 Encapsulator Agent. Click here to learn more or contact us today to book a training demonstration for your department.